i’ll tumble for ya…or maybe you girls tumble and i’ll sketch. good warmups this am, watching some tweeny tumblers doing their thing.

1 week ago on 08/12/14 at 10:42pm

one christmas, i asked santa for mork suspenders.

i just wanted to be mork, as a kid. make everybody laugh and go to another planet as i figured, maybe that’s where i came from, all along?

sigh…goodbye robin. xoxoxo

1 week ago on 08/11/14 at 09:52pm

and this is what i’m doing today, after sitting on my wee bum for most of YESTERDAY, working. it’s not like i can train for my first marathon in my sleep. or…can i?

1 week ago on 08/11/14 at 02:09pm

back to some cd design…lonnng overdue! the outlander books, which i’m almost thru as a reader. black jack, frank, murtagh, dougal, collum and geilie to come! and maybe wee hamish riding donas? o no! “-)

1 week ago on 08/08/14 at 02:34pm